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Hey! I know I never come 'round here any more (I'm mostly over on tumblr talking about Glee these days), but I wanted to let anyone who might still read here know about:
summer of love
Click through for more info, but basically this publisher coming out of Glee fandom are putting together an anthology of original LGBTQ love stories, and they're hoping to expand their horizons fandom-wise. Submissions will be judge blind, so it doesn't matter if they have no idea who they are.

I don't have a stake in this anthology, but I am contracted with Interlude and my first novel should come out net year! They've been wonderful to work with, and I'm so glad they're doing something with an open submission process. Please feel free to spread the word!

How're you guys?

Winter Fest Recs

Long time no see! I've been very much enjoying reading at hd_holidays and smutty_claus this month, so how about some recs. Starting with the one that is mine all mine!


What We Thought We Knew by Anon NC-17 7,500. Summary: Some things are better left unsaid, but that doesn't mean everything.

I really loved this. The author worked from my prompt "They never talk about it, but everyone knows," which I think was used amazingly here, the atmosphere is brilliant. It's 8th year and we get to see a few students point of view of the supposedly secret relationship between Harry and Pansy. The characterisations were great, and then there is some of the hottest smut I've seen in this fest! Harry, with the hints of how he is trying to figure out where he is after the war is wonderful. Especially read if you like a slightly domineering Harry, yum.

1 Tonks/Charlie, 1 James/Lily, 2 Harry/Draco fic recs under the cutCollapse )

Here's The Pencil, Make It Work by Anon NC-17 ~49,500. Summary: Harry thinks "Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?" is a much simpler question than, "Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don't, what will you do?"

This is probably going to be the star of this fest and there is a reason for that. I find it hard to express the way this story made me feel, but it is something I've rarely experienced with stories written in the past 5 years. It is like I felt about fics when the whole idea of reading them was still relatively new. I think part of why I love 8th year (which this is not) is because I really want stories that deal with the aftermath of Deathly Hallows. This does this beautifully. The characterisations are so perfect for me. Harry is undirected and unsure. Draco is a mixture of determination and uncertainty. The wider cast of characters is beautiful. The trio are the trio I love and want them to be. It is a story about people and change and learning. It acknowledges Teddy's existence beautifully, with a particualrly lovely scene with Andromeda. If you don't read HP fic any more, if you don't read H/D, or long fics, or whatever, please still give this a try. It is worth it.

Fresh Start and Recs

I want to make a bit of a fresh start. I've been less into online HP fandom for a while, but I've had a couple of month gap in employment (which has been really great for me, not a thing to worry about). This has somehow lead to me jumping back into fic reading head first. So I plan to try and use this journal more - I've been using my other journal (pola_bear if you want to know) to actually review for once, but this journal is my fandom home, so I've decided to come back to it! I actually nearly made all the past posts private - I find many of them embarrassing, but I've left it, it shows a lot of my fandom journey.

As I've been reading a lot, I thought I should give some recs! These fics are all focused on Deathly Hallows or the year immediately after. Also, they are all Draco-y, which is interesting because I usually would not read him outside of H/D.

3 Harry/Draco, 1 Seamus/Draco, 1 Neville/DracoCollapse )

DiaCon Was Awesome

DiaCon was amazing and went so stupidly well, I am even managing to analyse it without just thinking about bits that went wrong with is a MAJOR achievement for me!

I am so happy, and so proud of everyone involved. Wow!

I had to go back to work today which was not fun, especially as my lovely manager had her last dy while I was away at con so I had that weirdness, too. I did make it to the pub meet yesterday which was nice and relaxed and managed to stave off my con drop for a day. I feel weirdly ok. Tired, but not ill which I've been expecting to come after the con for ages. Maybe it's still not hit me yet.

Hello to any new people. I still need to go over to the friending meme and starts finding people and stuff, but I don't quite have enough brain for that.

I cannot believe it really happened. Every report I've read of it has been lovely though, please link me if you've spotted any, even if I've probably seen it (although if someone totally hated it I probably don't want to know).


P.S. Now I want to reread books and discuss canon for hours!

19 Questions

Well, I was tagged! Not tagging anyone because I am contrary like that.

The Rules:
1. People who have been tagged must write the answers on their blog and replace any question they dislike with a new, original question.
2. I deleted number 2.

Read more...Collapse )


Characters Meme

I have been having a bit of a swelling of remembering why I love canon so much and this meme made me catalyse some of my thoughts about it, having seen some interesting insights in other people doing it!

My thoughts on HP characters hereCollapse )I think Ill start a full reread this week :D I have never read 1-7 back to back and I think it's time.

BIts and Bobs

First off, thanks to all the lovely people who sent me birthday wishes yesterday. I had a wonderful day, though the snow meant we didn't quite manage a ma-hoo-sive all family including partners dinner. I got some lovely presents (including sister taking me (and me taking her for Christmas, and both of us taking our mum for her birthday) to see Legally Blonde: The Musical. Cheesey, glorious musical fun). Possibly the most unexpectedly amazing gift was a gorgeous charm bracelet from my fiance including 10 lovely charms to represent who I am and the things I love. It has a little witches hat to represent Harry Potter! I mentioned once 4 years ago or something I had always wanted a charm bracelet and he remembered and put it together for me now. I also had some lovely people over for a thing on Saturday which was great, and the mix of fandom friends and non-fandom friends had no issues (I didn't think there would be, but you never know).

Also, I am getting really excited for hp_kinkfest. I have started writing but I've gotten all scared at the prospect of writing something and putting it out there. I am mostly just excited though.

Now I need to get some sleep :D

P.S. OMG SNOW! We made a snow man on Saturday night (at about 1:30 am after many cocktails) and it is sitting outside still looking snazzy, though a bit odd for having been snowed on.

Lol, meme

I kissed a dora and I liked it.

Which song was this lyric from?

Get your own lyrics:

That song makes me rage, but this amused me.


Christmas Flavoured Joy!

The Christmas cheer has fully arrived for me! To begin with I received and amazing Hotel Chocolat Advent calendar just in time for December (isn't receiving an unexpected package you did not pay for one of the most amazing things? I got a Christmas card from son_of_darkness which lead to me putting up the Christmas tree here. On Saturday my sister and I went to see our Mum and put up the Christmas tree there (we have got our system to totally locked down, I love doing the Christmas tree with her. Our mum would never get it right herself. Or be able to reach the top of the tree!). Sunday I went to the Winder Wonderland in Hyde Park with some lovely people which is just fantastic and beautiful and Christmas-tastic and filled with yummy food and fun things. son_of_darkness gave me an amazing present of a Key for Santa (as I don't have a Chimney for him to use) it is so cute and fills me with Christmas glee. Finally, I woke up today to discover that there has been some sort of crazy amazing lj free vgift thing and fandom has exploded with it and the lovely snegurochka_lee and coffee_n_cocoa and lokifan were sweet enough to include me and send me v gifts! They are not just snowflakes, they are not just cookies, they are a snowflake cookies! How amazing is that!?

So, basically I very much full of Christmas love and looking forward so much to the rest of the Christmas season. I love this time of year so much! (Not that that means I have any clue what I am getting most of my family for Christmas, you understand ;))

Also, I am really enjoying HD_Hols, I don't have the time to even attempt to keep up with more than one fest, but I am watching out for recs. I think Give Chase and Savage are probably my two favourites so far - they have been recced around quite a bit, I think, but that's it because they are good. Oh, and Unexpected, A Holiday Tail of Mistaken Identity was a really adorable and fun seasonal one ♥ and Symbiosis the sort of 8th year fic that makes me very happy. And there is lots of good stuff!