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Christmas Flavoured Joy!

The Christmas cheer has fully arrived for me! To begin with I received and amazing Hotel Chocolat Advent calendar just in time for December (isn't receiving an unexpected package you did not pay for one of the most amazing things? I got a Christmas card from son_of_darkness which lead to me putting up the Christmas tree here. On Saturday my sister and I went to see our Mum and put up the Christmas tree there (we have got our system to totally locked down, I love doing the Christmas tree with her. Our mum would never get it right herself. Or be able to reach the top of the tree!). Sunday I went to the Winder Wonderland in Hyde Park with some lovely people which is just fantastic and beautiful and Christmas-tastic and filled with yummy food and fun things. son_of_darkness gave me an amazing present of a Key for Santa (as I don't have a Chimney for him to use) it is so cute and fills me with Christmas glee. Finally, I woke up today to discover that there has been some sort of crazy amazing lj free vgift thing and fandom has exploded with it and the lovely snegurochka_lee and coffee_n_cocoa and lokifan were sweet enough to include me and send me v gifts! They are not just snowflakes, they are not just cookies, they are a snowflake cookies! How amazing is that!?

So, basically I very much full of Christmas love and looking forward so much to the rest of the Christmas season. I love this time of year so much! (Not that that means I have any clue what I am getting most of my family for Christmas, you understand ;))

Also, I am really enjoying HD_Hols, I don't have the time to even attempt to keep up with more than one fest, but I am watching out for recs. I think Give Chase and Savage are probably my two favourites so far - they have been recced around quite a bit, I think, but that's it because they are good. Oh, and Unexpected, A Holiday Tail of Mistaken Identity was a really adorable and fun seasonal one ♥ and Symbiosis the sort of 8th year fic that makes me very happy. And there is lots of good stuff!


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Dec. 8th, 2009 01:52 am (UTC)
Thanks for my pretty snowflake, sweets! *huggles a lot*
Dec. 13th, 2009 12:29 am (UTC)
Mmm, I'm liking Give Chase and Savage a lot too (MASSIVELY behind on the flist, but I knew Give Chase, in particular, would be recced by my kinky friends!) 'Portrait of a Headmaster' is open for me in another tab and pretty awesome. :)


Glad you liked your biscuit!
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